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Not deleted?

Yeah, I never got around to deleting my journal. Besides MSword doesn't have the pretty options that LJ does, and I do from time to time like to check out my friend's page, even if I'm not writing. So yeah, I've been a poor lurker for the last few months.

on second thought....

I'm going to delete the journal. I loved having lj, enjoyed reading your posts. I loved the creative icons, but... I just don't get here anymore. The extent of my on-line attention span has been reduced to facebook one liners. Sad, eh? Yeah, but true.


Tomorrow I have two things to do in the city.

1. Fight my speeding ticket. I've been thinking about it too much, but I can't help but think this ticket is tremendously unfair. I get riled up in my own little head just thinking about it. So, I won't natter about it, justifying my position here. I'll give them my two bits on the subject, and see where it goes. But, every time I see a 60 km sign on a major thorough fair I feel the need to fight it. All I was doing was accelerating to 60km when I turned onto a major highway. Then I remembered it was the stupid zone and slowed down to 40km. There was no sign for me to see from where I turned on, no sign on the several blocks before, but I did remember it's the stupid zone (posted 40 km on a highway where I have never so much as seen a dog or person in 1.5 years.) Anyhow I accelerated and braked, correcting my speed to 40 km. I bet I was speeding for all of seven seconds. Imo, I got ticketed for a law abiding habit. So much for not nattering on about it. But, if my crime is worth $90 and the demerits so be it.

2. In the afternoon I pick up my Sammy. I can't believe how many times a day I've missed him. I've also been incredibly thankful that he has had somewhere safe and for him to recover. I don't need to be fretting about his bladder all day long.

Oh... my family has gathered around. later
Do you have friends on facebook that you don't actually know? I do.

If people ask to friend me, I say yes. Because, after all, why would I say 'no'?

They either want to be my friend, or think me friendly enough to add me.

Now those folks that go out and add me because I was in their e-mail address book at one time. Those I decline. But how do you say someone is not your friend? I mean it's not that I don't want to be their friend, I just never thought I was.

So, when I have a great visit with the lady selling expensive make-up in the mall in Nashville, and she asked for my email address I gave it to her. And I confirmed her as a friend on fb.

When I commented on someone's blog that I read from a link on their fic, and we corresponded a few times, and then she added me on facebook, I didn't know how to say 'no.'

Then there are people from my church. Some of them, I've never heard their names before, but they know me, because I've spoken at church a few times. Just because they know me better than I know them, doesn't mean I don't want to know them. Quite the contrary, I feel at a disadvantage as I look at their name, their photo, and our common friends, and try to remember if we ever actually spoke. So I friend them back, and try to watch out for them next Sunday, since we're friends after all, we might actually talk, right? I sure hope I know their names when I see them, but I doubt I will. Solution: just be real nice and ask general questions.

Hi, I'm back and jetlagged. Hence the random useless rambling.

Is there a way to download my journal?

Many of you know so much more stuff about how lj works than I do.

I want to download and archive my journal, to date, onto my big 360 gig external that holds everything. I thought there would be a button somewhere to let me do that. But, if there is I can't find it. Ideas?

Whoa! I'm so there! Let's buy me an ocean!

In 2009, serenitysoars resolves to...
Spend less time on trauma.
Go to environmentalism every Sunday.
Learn to play the ireland.
Find a better bible.
Buy new oceans.
Go traveling three times a week.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


icons are addictive

Ok I'm spending far too much time collecting userpics. But I can have 35 now! And I've surfed day and night and only come up with 29. Talk about a ridiculous use of my time.

Yeah, paying the bills has taken a back bench to finding icons like this one. :) lol

I'll get it together, honest. We're starting school tomorrow, ready or not. Why Friday? Because when I see how ill prepared I am tomorrow it might motivate me to do something other than search for the Firefly icon of my dreams.

Pet Peave

Every single time I make a comment on a friend's post, I leave a typo. Every time! I do read it over once before I post, and I miss it that read through. Yet, every time I see the comment posted there is that dang typo. Often they land in the worst place, where meaning can be changed by my typo. Argh. What can I say? I'm an idiot. *sigh*

And I don't see a way to edit a comment. I mean I edit my posts constantly after I post, for all those stupid "their" and "there" - I've always known the difference, btw, my fingers don't. But near as i can tell, I can't edit my typo ridden comments.

beyond tired...

Beyond tired there is this positively numb state. It is tranquil in that when the brain ceases to function it's hard to be anxious about anything. It looks like daytime so I'm up, but it's looked like day time so many hours now.

I'm home. So I find myself staring at the very green landscape around me and listening to the silence.

what the...?

I don't usually swear, so as often as I see all your neat 'wtf?' icons I smile, I get the point, but until now I've never really needed one.

Get this article: Court overturns father's grounding of 12-year-old


Sometimes I think Canadian judges need to be dropped on their head as a prerequisite! Really, we do have more serious matters for our judicial system to attend to. But nah, why not hand over the judicial system to petulant children to punish their parents! I don't want to even think of their court costs. (Oh, the things that girl would be taking me to court for if she were mine.)